What You Should Know About Spanking

What You Should Know About Spanking

What would you do if one day your partner begs for some pain to experience intense sensations? You may wonder where to start with all that and how to make such activity safe and pleasant.  In this article, we are going to explore how you can spank your girlfriend and boyfriend who are masochists or just want to try pleasurable pain.

How To Spank Your Partner?

Unlike other activities, spanking is the best way to explore pain and pleasure. When you touch your partner’s skin with your hands, you can feel how their body reacts, and consequently it makes your connection stronger. When you use your bare hands, it’s also very easy to check whether your partner is already aroused.

Here is how you can spank your partner in a few simple steps:

  • What you should do first is getting your partner over your knees. Think about spanking not as a way to damage their skin but as a game, a fun, a playful action.
  • Don’t rush. Start slowly with your bare hands. You can gradually increase the intensity if your partner feels okay with what you do.
  • When you spank, it’s important to see what happens and, depending on the reactions of your partner, change the dynamic, by making it more intense or slow.
  • Go only as far as your partner wants. It’s always useful to have a safe word to stop the activity if it’s too much or your partner needs a break.

What You Can Incorporate Into Spanking

Clothespin. Start with areas like a belly or arms. Be experimental and ready to explore what your partner likes and what they don’t like. Don’t try it on intimate areas from the very first time. Gradual progress is what makes your interaction with a partner enjoyable. Consider talking as it is a significant part of a trustful relationship. Don’t be afraid to ask your partners about what they like and how it feels for them.

Wooden paddle or spoon. You can find accessories in various design ranging from spanking paddles chocolate bars to cat paws. However, for newbies, wooden spanking paddles can be too strong. Even when you spank the ass with them, they can be hurtful.

Belts made of soft leather. When you use a belt, make sure you use it double folded, because it slows down when you hit and feels not so hard on your partner’s skin. For many individuals, leather belts become all-time favorites.

Leather spanking paddles. You can start with a BDSM spanking paddle with a smooth surface to provide your partner with an opportunity to get used to sensations. As you both explore your limits, switch to a spanking paddle with a spiked surface for more intense sensations. Spanking paddles function well as tools for warming up, exploring your desires and incorporating punishments. When the paddle strikes the skin, it creates various sensations depending on the dynamic of your actions. It can feel gentle or stinging.

Bamboo canes. These accessories are strong and smooth. When you use them, your partner experiences a stinging sensation from mild to intense, depending on your force. The slender design allows for precise control during the play. Bamboo canes require skill and caution.

Chemical play. You can bring some chemical play to add more pain. It’s based on placing something on your partner’s body that hurts. Start with a toothpaste. Place it on your partner’s sensitive areas such as nipples. On thicker skin, it may not cause any effect. Toothpaste will burn a bit on the skin, but these sensations can feel nice for masochists. Again, explore how much your partner can take.


Spanking is an awesome way to investigate the borders between pain and pleasure. However, always make sure your partner is not against activities involving pain. If you are newbies, start slowly and pay attention to your partner’s reaction. You can add cuffs and a collar to your playing for a more masochistic style. Do you want to try other interesting things? Learn about the most extreme accessories for BDSM games.

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