1.Every purchase from elinharness.com is subjected to the conditions specified in this document. It is important to carefully read these terms and conditions prior to using the website. Utilizing elinharness.com is an indication that the user is agreeing to abide by these stipulations.

2.To buy from Elinharness.com , you will be taken through a few easy steps on our website. Payment details will be extracted from your card. Subsequently, we will send you an acknowledgment email that outlines the products you have purchased. This does not signify orderacceptance or confirmation from us. The contract will be completed and the order accepted when the products you ordered are delivered to you. We may decline your order due to the product being out of stock, payment not being authorised, or an error in pricing or description. All of the items shown on our website are listed as "in stock", however, please note that the order/production process may take 1-3 weeks to finish, and then dispatch the order from the date of purchase.

3.Payment Options: You can make payments for products in any of the ways that are shown on our website. Payment must be completed and the money must have been cleared before the items are shipped. If there are any issues with supply, we will immediately let you know and if you have already paid, a full reimbursement will be issued.

4.We generally send stocked items within three business days, and once we are done making them, they will be shipped right away. We will provide you with updates about your order, including tracking details after shipping, or if there are any unexpected delays. The contract between us is created as soon as the goods you ordered are sent from our warehouse to your address.

5.We have done our best to make sure the products presented are represented correctly, but we cannot promise the colours, textures, and details shown on your screen will be precisely how they look in real life. We strive to always keep our prices up to date and accurate, but occasionally an inaccuracy may slip through. Should this happen, we will correct the price and ask if you still want to buy the item at the right cost. If we are not able to get in touch with you, the order will be annulled. If there is a pricing mistake, we will not accept the order.

6.You have the right to revoke your order before the merchandise is sent out.

7.If the goods received do not match the description or have been delivered with a defect, then the ordered products will be exchanged with functioning items at no extra cost after discussing the issue with the customer. If a replacement is not feasible due to particular conditions, then a full reimbursement will be issued. In all other cases, returns or refunds are not accepted.