The Most Extreme Kink Accessories on Elin Harness

The Most Extreme Kink Accessories on Elin Harness

BDSM activities can be incredibly exciting; however, there are individuals who seek to explore the extreme facets of their desires. While the definition of “extreme” varies from person to person, extreme kink often involves pushing the boundaries of traditional practices, testing the limits of pain and pleasure, and embracing accessories that are more extraordinary. In this article, we will explore the most extreme kink accessories crafted by Elin Harness, aimed at embodying the wildest BDSM fantasies. 

Spanking Paddle

A spanking paddle is a specialized accessory used in BDSM and erotic role-play scenarios, involving striking the buttocks or other body parts to create a pleasurable or painful sensation. Spanking paddles come in various sizes, shapes, and materials. They can be smooth, equipped with shark spikes, or have two various sides at the same time. This versatility allows you to use both sides, depending on your mood, preferences, and experience. If you're just taking your first steps into the world of BDSM relationships, it’s better to start by spanking your partner with a smooth leather surface and then gradually, as you become more experienced, incorporate the spiked side.

Spanking paddles are excellent tools for warming up activities, punishments or exploring the interplay between pleasure and pain in BDSM. When the paddle strikes the skin, it can create a range of sensations, from a gentle to a more intense stinging. The person wielding the paddle assumes the role of the Dominatrix, while the person being spanked takes on the submissive role. This power exchange can be a real fun and excitement, allowing participants to immerse themselves in chosen roles.

A Self-Tightening Choke Collar

A self-tightening choke collar, often used in pet play scenarios, is designed with a unique mechanism that automatically tightens when tension is applied. If you’re looking to add some excitement to your pet and handler role-play, this accessory can spice up the dynamic.

Imagine this scenario: you’re walking with your pet in a public setting, and it starts displaying naughty behavior. In such situations, you can immediately correct the behavior and remind your sub who’s in charge. The same applies when your pet is either lagging behind or forging ahead, when they should be walking closely to you. The Dom can gently tug on the leash, causing the collar to tighten, giving the pet less breathing space. Once the pet resumes the correct position, the collar loosens.

A self-tightening choke collar can be used to ensure your pet stays in the desired position during the games or to prevent them from escaping. When selecting this accessory, pay close attention to the size dimensions to avoid any potential discomfort or harm to your pet.

Leather Bridle Gag

A leather bridle gag is a BDSM accessory designed for restricting the speech and control the submissive partner’s movements during BDSM scenes. An accessory consists of a mouthpiece with a leather or silicone bit that is inserted into the submissive’s mouth, restricting their ability to speak.

Leather bridle gags help to enhance power dynamics within Sadism-Masochism relationships. The dominant partner gains control over the submissive’s ability to speak about their desires. Limited verbal communication can lead to heightened sensitivity to other sensations. Bridle gags can intensify various BDSM role-play scenarios, such as pony play, where the submissive partner takes on the role of a horse.


In role-play scenarios, straitjackets are used to add depth and intensity to the experience. While having a historical association with psychiatric institutions, they are now used to intensify the sensation of helplessness and vulnerability during BDSM scenes. They contribute to sensory deprivation, which enhances the focus on the touch, sound, or verbal communication.

Due to their specific design, many people see them an excellent way to make a bedroom bondage experience more diverse. They incorporate them into their warming-up scenes, punishment sessions, and other BDSM fantasies.

With the arms of the subs folded across the front and tied behind the back, the dominant partners gain a better control over their physical freedom. The sub, wearing a straitjacket, can experience a feeling of being helpless, humiliated, or even “institutionalized”, which can be an exciting element in games. Especially if you’re interested in scenes involving themes of medical control. In these cases, the straitjacket creates an authentic experience, associated with psychiatric or medical settings.

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