Type of Role-Play Collars for Submissive

Type of Role-Play Collars for Submissive

Collars are a popular accessory in role-playing scenarios, not only because they add a unique element and a sense of adventure to your interactions with a partner, but also because they symbolize physical and emotional ownership. If you’re going to incorporate this interesting accessory into your games, here is the guide that might help you choose the best option based on your preferences.

Types of Role-Play Collars

In today’s market, you can find collars of various designs and materials, each tailored to a specific purpose. However, serving as a symbol of ownership, they all provide the submissive with a feeling of security.

This sensation can be likened to how pets feel calmer when their collar is put back on after being removed. Collars work excellently as standalone accessories and can also be combined with other restraints. Whether you’re planning to have some at-home fun or aiming to make an impression at an upcoming party, let’s delve into an in-depth exploration of various options to make it easier for you to choose the best model

Standard Collar

A standard collar is a fundamental piece, typically crafted from either leather or fabric, commonly used in BDSM role-playing. It symbolizes the submissive partner’s belonging to the Dom and represents their act of submission.

Collar with Leash

Incorporating a leather leash or chain leash intensifies the power dynamic, enabling the dominant partner to lead the collared partner. This deepens the sense of the Dom’s control over the submissive. Leashes can be used in various scenarios, including punishment, training, or to add an exciting element to your adult parties.

Locking Collar

A locking collar is characterized by the inclusion of a padlock or other fastening mechanism. It represents a more profound commitment to the power dynamic, signifying that the submissive partner has surrendered control.

Self-tightening Choke Collar

A self-tightening choke collar emphasizes the Dom’s control over a slave’s body. It is equipped with a unique mechanism that automatically tightens when tension is applied. This accessory is a must-have for restrictive punishments, behavior correction and training sessions.

Posture Collar

A posture collar is designed to maintain the head and neck of the submissive partner in an upright position. This intensifies the sense of vulnerability and restraint, effectively restricting movement. With the help of this collar, you can ensure that your sub remains in the position you desire during your games.

Collar with Rings

These collar models are typically equipped with O-rings or D-rings, which allow for the attachment of various accessories like chains or cuffs directly to the collar. This versatility enables creative combinations, including full-body harness and nipple clamps.

Permanent Collars

Permanent collars are a symbol of an enduring relationship between a Dominant and a submissive. Due to their profound significance, these collars are frequently likened to the symbolism of a wedding band in vanilla relationships.

What sets them apart from other collar models is their immovable nature. They cannot be removed except when there is a reason to do so. Permanent collars are characterized by their lightweight and comfortable design, serving as a powerful reminder of the deep bond and connection between the partners.

Day Collar

Day collars are designed to be worn outside of role-play scenarios. Unlike traditional BDSM collars, day collars are typically more comfortable in design, resembling regular necklaces. They allow the submissive partner to carry a hidden connection of their dynamic throughout their daily life. Some people choose to have multiple day collars to match their personal style and preferences, including spiked chokers in casual style.

Role-specific Collars

Role-specific collars are unique accessories used in various BDSM and role-playing scenarios, each with its distinct symbolism. These collars are chosen to match the role or character portrayed in the scene. Here are a couple of examples of role-specific collars and their intended purpose:

  • Pet Play Collar

In pet play scenarios, one partner assumes the role of a pet, such as a kitten, puppy, or pony, while the other partner takes on the role of the owner or handler. A key element of pet play is the use of a collar, often with a bell attached, worn by the “pet” to symbolize their status as an obedient animal.

  • Slave Collar

A slave collar is a symbolic accessory in BDSM love dynamics, signifying ownership and commitment. This collar serves as a powerful visual representation of the authority and control held by the dominant partner over the submissive. It emphasizes the power exchange and the submissive’s willing surrender to the dominant.


The fetish accessories can be made of various types of leather, which include:

  • Smooth leather with a refined surface, characterized by a polished appearance and elegant feel.
  • Lacquered leather with a shiny finish, providing a more glamorous and eye-catching appearance.
  • Crazy Horse leather, also known as saddle leather, with a distinctive appearance that can withstand wear and tear. It’s heavier and less flexible compared to smoother leather types and is more suitable for leather accessories where durability and aesthetics are emphasized over comfort.

Considerations for Long-Term Use

It’s important to note that BDSM collars and chokers are generally not designed for extended, long-term use. Prolonged use can risk weakening the muscles in the neck, leading to discomfort or potential health issues. Therefore, they are typically used in shorter BDSM scenes and activities.

Wearing a Collar for Fun

If you're not actively involved in BDSM, but find the idea of wearing a collar intriguing or simply want to incorporate it into your outfits for parties, masquerades, rock concerts, or photo shoots, you absolutely can. Many people wear casual leather collars as a fashion statement or accessory. It doesn't require being part of the kink community, and you can enjoy wearing these pieces for fun.

Safety comes first!

As with other fetish accessories, you have to use collars and chokers safely and consensually. Establish a strong trust with your partner through honest communication about your desires and boundaries. Make sure your partners are aware of what they are willing to explore. Be mindful of the physical safety of the submissive. Establish a safe word to stop or change the activity if it becomes too intense.

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