Useful Pieces of Advice for Choosing and Taking Care of Latex Clothing

Useful Pieces of Advice for Choosing and Taking Care of Latex Clothing

Latex clothing captivates people within BDSM and role-play communities because of its glossy surface, second-skin sensations and ability to make sensory play even more exciting. In order to have long-lasting fun with your garments, it’s crucial to choose high-quality items and take a proper care of them. Let’s explore some tips to help you in this mission.

Choosing Latex Clothing


 Invest in high-quality latex clothing, as cheaper options may not be as durable as you wish. Buy garments only from reputable brands, read the description of the product and feedbacks from people who already bought them.


 In order to have a comfortable fit, choose the right size of latex garments. Although this material is designed to be tight-fitting, it doesn’t mean that it should be excessively tight. If you choose the wrong size, it might create a stress on the material and lead to difficulties in dressing and even spoiling the outfit.


 This is another important option while choosing latex clothing. Thicker latex is more durable and less prone to tearing. It also has the same shiny surface as thinner items, however, it might be less flexible. The standard thickness is assumed to be 0.44 mm. The garments of this thickness stretch well and don’t restrict the wearers’ movements. Thinner items provide wearers with more freedom and mostly used for producing tops, lingerie, and shirts.


 The style should complement your body shape and personal preferences. There are various designs available, from simple that might work well for intimate purpose and hanging out with friends, like this high-waisted skirt with metal rivets to provoking outfit with holes in butt and bust areas. For example, this latex dress provides easy access to your intimate areas during role-play. Pick one that suits your intended use.


The material can be of any shade, but the classic of colors is black, as it combines with various colors. The second popular option is red, which creates a stunning duo with black garments. Red latex looks eye-catching and immediately hooks your viewer. For instance, dressed in a red catsuit, you’ll leave your partner absolutely forceless. You can always experiment with different options in order to be unpredictable for your partner or just be able to choose outfit according to your mood.

Taking Care of Latex Clothing 

In order to keep your latex garments in good condition and increase their lifetime, you need to provide them a specific care.


Clean your latex outfit immediately after wearing. Use slightly warm water with a small amount of mild liquid washing ingredient, such as a hand soap. Don’t use harsh detergents or abrasive materials, as they can damage the clothing. Never wash the latex outfit in washing machine!


Gently pat the latex with a soft towel or cloth to remove water. Never wring or twist the outfit, as this can lead to deformation and stretching. Allow it to air dry on a non-metallic hanger or a flat surface, keeping away from direct sunlight and heat sources.


We love latex for its natural shine; however, you need to maintain this feature. For this purpose, you can use silicone-based lubricants or latex shiner products such as sprays. Apply a small amount of them and buff the outfit with a soft cloth.


It’s important to choose a dark, cool, and dry place for storing latex clothing. It would be ideal if you keep it wrapped in a soft, breathable cloth or keep inside a garment bag. Make sure the place where you’re planning to store your garments is away from direct sunlight, heat, and humidity. Don’t fold or crease the outfit for extended periods, as this can leave permanent marks.


Avoid contact with certain materials

Keep latex away from sharp objects or jewelry that can tear or cut the material. You should be careful with oil-based substances (makeup, lubricants, petroleum jelly) as they can degrade the latex outfit.


Dressing aids

You should also use talcum powder to sprinkle it inside the outfit, as it makes getting into the garments easier and reduces the risk of damaging your clothing. For this purpose, silicone lubricant also works well, making it easier to slide into the outfit.


By following our tips, you can enjoy your latex clothing for an extended period. With a proper care, you will easily maintain its beautiful glossy appearance and experience a comfortable wearing.

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