Kinks I Want to Learn More About

Kinks I Want to Learn More About

The term “kink” refers to unconventional sexual practices or desires that deviate from mainstream sexual norms. While for some people it’s the awesome way to spice up relationships, for others kinks help explore facets of their desires, testing limits of pain and pleasure.  Let’s discover some common kinks that you might want to learn more about.

Bastinado or Foot caning

A form of BDSM activity that involves striking or beating the soles of the feet. This practice can be traced back to historical contexts where it was used as a form of punishment or torture in some cultures, particularly in the Middle East and parts of Asia.

In the BDSM community, bastinado is considered a specific fetish and falls under the category of impact play. It involves the consensual act of inflicting pain or discomfort on the soles of the feet for sexual pleasure or as a form of power exchange within a BDSM dynamic.

Like any other BDSM activity, it is important to engage in bastinado with informed consent and within established boundaries. Safety precautions should be taken, such as using appropriate instruments (crops, whips, or canes) and ensuring that strikes are delivered within tolerable limits. Communication, trust, and aftercare are essential elements to consider when engaging in any BDSM practice, including bastinado.

It's worth noting that while bastinado may have historical and cultural origins, its modern practice within the BDSM community is consensual and distinct from its historical context. As with any kink or fetish, it is essential to approach it with a responsible and informed mindset, respecting the boundaries and desires of all parties involved.


This kink involves acting out specific scenarios or fantasies with a partner. It may include anything from doctor-patient role-play to teacher-student role-play, or even more elaborate scenarios like kidnapping or age-play.

Role-playing helps partners to temporarily detach from their everyday personas, opening new boundaries for exploring desires from a different perspective. People can assume roles as confident leaders and authorial figures, even if they are shy and mild in real life, and vice versa. Role-plays transport lovers into a world of fantasy and imagination, helping them to get to know each other even better. Such an activity can serve as a warming-up session or stand as a standalone activity for couples looking to break free from their routine.

Two or more participants can take part in role-plays. The scene itself can represent an erotic theme or a fantasy scenario. The scenario may include vanilla-style foreplay, exploring various types of sensation, and practicing power exchange dynamics (give and take). You don’t necessarily need to play only in private. You can do it in front of spectators or together with other couples.

The most popular role-plays are:

  • Teacher and student, including students’ uniform and punishment methods such as spanking, caning, or standing in the corner.
  • Boss and employee, representing the interaction between an authorial individual and subordinate in an office setting or somewhere in the hotel.
  • Police officers and criminals, dealing with handcuffs, mouth gags, and bondages – whatever works best for intense sensations.
  • Doctor (nurse) and patient, including using medical instruments and sharp things during examinations and of course the medical procedures.
  • Daddy/Mommy and child, giving a chance to experience a lot of caring, kissing and cuddling, as well as wearing diapers, listening to bed-stories and playing with water guns.
  • Rape fantasy, a level up in your Sadism-Masochism relationships, when one partner acts as a victim while the Dom assumes the role of a rapist.


Fetishes involve a strong sexual fixation on specific objects, body parts, or situations. They are a very complex aspect of human sexuality, including:

Foot Fetish

A foot fetish is one of the most common fetishes that involves a strong attraction to feet. Some people find feet erotic and arousing, so they enjoy foot massages, foot worship, or even the act of being stepped on by someone’s feet.

BDSM Fetish

BDSM includes a wide range of activities and roles, such as bondage, spanking, dominance, submission, role-play, sadism.

Latex and Rubber Fetish

Some partners are sexually aroused, when they see, feel, or smell latex and rubber clothing. This fetish includes latex catsuits, stockings, gloves, lingerie, and other fetish accessories that can be associated with a sense of tightness.

Leather Fetish

Leather fetishism is connected with a strong attraction to leather clothing and accessories, such as leather collars, chokers, cuffs, jackets, pants, harnesses, masks.

Crossdressing Fetish

Crossdressing is the act of enjoying wearing clothing associated with the opposite gender. Some partners find this act exciting, and incorporate such clothing into their games as part of their identity.

Scent Fetish

Certain individuals have a strong sexual attraction to specific scents or odors. This fetish focuses on the aromatic elements of attraction –pheromones, perfumes, body odors.

Voyeurism and exhibitionism

Voyeurism refers to deriving sexual pleasure from watching others engage in sexual activities, while exhibitionism involves deriving pleasure from being watched by others during sexual activities. In both kinks, the imagination plays a central role.

Voyeurs secretly observe the partner or the other couples without their consent. They can spy through windows, use hidden cameras to capture intimate moments or watch explicit content without participants’ permission. For voyeurs the act of watching becomes an important part of their sexual arousal.

Exhibitionists like to be seen while they do some private things in their homes. The risk of being caught or making love in public brings them a strong feeling of the excitement.

Impact play

This kink involves consensual striking or spanking of the body for sexual pleasure. It can range from light spanking to more intense activities like flogging or caning.

While it may be rather painful in some cases, impact play is all about controlled sensations and the trust between the partners. For this activity, various types of implements are used, each delivering a unique sensation:

  • Floggers – a multi-tailed implement, resembling a whip, with leather or suede falls.
  • Paddles – flat, rectangular accessories used for spanking or striking.
  • Canes – long, slender rods, made of wood or fiberglass.
  • Whips – long, flexible devices creating a sharp snapping sound when used.

Impact play allows the Dominant partner control and direct the sensations of the submissive partner. The sub may find them arousing or meditative, depending on preferences.

Such a play releases endorphins, creating the sense of emotional catharsis. For some partners, the impact play acts as a way to explore and express their desires. It’s important to pay attention to the fact that partners should start their impact activities with light sensations and then gradually increase intensity. The buttocks, upper thighs, and back are common target areas, while you should never use it for areas with vital organs, bones, and sensitive regions.

Sensation play

Sensation play focuses on exploring different physical sensations to increase sexual pleasure. It’s aimed at heightening awareness of touch, temperature, texture. Unlike other BDSM activities, sensation play focuses on enjoyable sensual experiences, creating a wide variety of feelings.

During such a play, participants can use various tools and implements:

  • Feathers and feather ticklers: these accessories can produce light sensations when contacting with the skin.
  • Ice cubes and heat: using cold ice cubes or heated massage stones, you create temperature contrasts on the skin, which can be very arousing.
  • Wax pay: using low-temperature candles for BDSM, you can drip hot wax onto the partners’ skin, helping them experience sensation that ranges from pleasant and warm and a more intense feeling.
  • Textured objects: silk, velvet, brushes, applied to the body, can help you to explore different tactile experiences.
  • Pinwheels: you can roll these small, spiked wheels across the skin, creating a tingling sensation.
  • Ice Cubes in fabric: you can glide ice cubes inside a piece of fabric across the skin, creating the stunning combination of cold and texture.


Age-play involves consensual role-playing where one or both partners take on the role of a different age, such as an adult acting as a caretaker for a younger partner. For a more immersive setting, this activity may include costuming such as hand mitts, diaper cover pants, lovely dresses, and pull-ups, depending on the child’s age. The Daddy or the Mommy sets a set of certain rules and is free to use various ways of behavior corrections and punishments – ranging from sending the child to stand in the corner to banning TV watching.

This role-play requires the use of a specific communication style. The submissive who performs the role of the baby should speak in a childlike manner, addressing their caregiver as Papi, Dada, Sir, Lord, Mister, Mommy.  As the caregiver is responsible for the child’s well-being, they should ensure that the little goes to bed at the right time, spends not too many hours in front of TV, walks in the fresh air and interacts with other children. The Daddy/Mommy should also help the child with hair brushing and dressing.

For a more realistic feeling, the partners can do activities, appropriate to the chosen child’s age: playing in the kids’ playground, watching cartoons, drawing in coloring books, playing with water guns and plastic swords, singing children’s songs, sleeping together in one bed if the child is anxious.

Domination and Submission

This kink involves consensual power exchange, where one partner takes on a dominant role and the other takes on a submissive role. Depending on the couple’s preferences, domination/submission activity may incorporate:

  • Role-play – acting out a scene from a specific sphere of life – the doctor and the patient, DDLG, the police officer and the criminal, the boss and the employee, and so on.
  • Bondage – restricting the submissive’s freedom by using handcuffs, ankle cuffs, ropes, connectors, slave collars and chokers.
  • Sadism/Masochism – incorporating punishments with severe pain, verbal abuse, humiliation.

The kink also involves setting rules, giving and following orders, or engaging in tasks. For example, the submissive should fulfill the Dom’s commands, ranging from dancing to playing with themselves while the Dom is watching. As the Dom, the partner can remind subs whom they belong to by screaming into their ear “You are mine” or writing words and their nicknames on any part of their body. The Dominant can choose the outfit for the sub, control their communication, and reward for fulfilling commands.

The rules may include the time the subs are allowed to have dinner, use the washroom, walk outside, or go to bed.  If the sub is badly behaved, the Dom may incorporate various punishment – slapping, spanking, leashing, restricting the movement, choking with a mouth gag.

Within this dynamic, the submissive must address the Dom respectfully with “sir” or “madam”. They should put the Dominant’s desires and needs above theirs.  In addition, they should never perform any activity or wear any piece of clothing without the Dom’s permission.

For a more immersive setting and feeling, partners can use Dominant/Submissive outfits. The Dominant character can choose leather or lacquer boots with high heels, latex catsuits and masks, covering the face. The sub’s clothing must emphasize their bottom’s role and be appropriate according to the chosen character, so it can be collars and chokers with a leash, blindfolds, mittens, booties.


Final Point

It's important to note that engaging in any kink should always be consensual and within the boundaries established by all participants. Communication and mutual understanding are crucial when exploring kinks to ensure a positive and enjoyable experience for everyone.

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