The DDLG Relationship – Daddy Dom, Little Girl

The DDLG Relationship – Daddy Dom, Little Girl

The DDLG relationship is a type of BDSM relationships, where one partner (the Dominant) embodies the role of a caregiver or Daddy, while the other (the submissive) undertakes the role of a Little Girl (a Child). Some couples practice their DDLG relationships only behind the bedroom door, keeping them private and intimate, while other representatives of the BDSM community choose to extend these dynamics into their everyday lives.

There are also couples who have non-sexual DDLG relationships as a satisfying the need of being “taken care of” and nurtured by the caregiver. This type of interaction is often called as “age regression” or “age play”.

All You Need to Know about DDLG Relationships


  • Daddy Dom

The dominant partner represents the caregiver, responsible for disciplining and taking care of the little one. He’s a parental figure within this BDSM dynamic, who can either be strict or easy-going. The Daddy does his best to give his Little Bunny everything she needs and even more. Assuming a role of the caregiver, the Daddy creates guidelines, determines appropriate corrective measures, and institutes a reward system. 

  • Little Girl

She adopts the persona of a newborn or undertakes the role of a teenager aged 12-17, however she can choose any age she likes and feels appropriate to her. Within this relationship, the Little Girl seeks for protection, and is ready to be looked after. She relies entirely on her Daddy’s support and trusts in his guidance and authority. She believes that he knows what is best for her. 


For a more realistic feeling, the Little Girl can wear hand mitts, diaper cover pants, kinky booties, lovely dresses, and pull-ups, depending on her age.

Establishing Guidelines

These rules are created to protect the little’s best interests and well-being. The guidelines may include setting a bedtime, practicing polite language, implementing a no-swearing policy, and more.


If the Little Princess’s behavior is challenging, the caregiver might implement corrections, such as restricting her favorite activities, sending her to stand in the corner, banning TV watching, writing lines, or taking away toys.

Communication Style

The little may speak in a childlike manner and address their caregiver as Daddy or Mommy. They can also use such names as Papi, Dada, Sir, Lord, Mister. The Daddy can address her Little Girl as Bunny, Cutie, Princess, Baby Girl, Sweet Love, Darling, Angel.


Nurturing plays a crucial role, as the caregiver takes on responsibilities such as giving the little a bath, overseeing their playtime, ensuring a comfortable bedtime, reading bedtime stories, offering assistance with potty time, helping with hair brushing and dressing, changing diapers.


Caring Daddy can do many activities with his Little Girl: going to a kids’ playground, castle building on the beach, watching cartoons and movies, playing board games, drawing in coloring books, finger painting, walking in the park, playing with water guns and plastic swords.

Age Regression Kink and Age-Play

Age regression kink and age play are related concepts within the broader context of the BDSM lifestyle. Both dynamics involve consensual fantasy within adult relationships, where both partners openly discuss their roles and boundaries. Although these concepts share some similarities, they also have distinct differences.

Age Regression

The age regression kink is a subset of BDSM and fetish play, where partners take on a role that involves feeling or acting younger than their actual age. This kink comes hand in hand with the desire to be cared for or disciplined as if one were a child.

Participants engage in a role-play, where one person takes on the role of the regressor or little, while the other acts as the caregiver or Daddy/Mommy. Within the age regression dynamic, the Child experiences the feelings of innocence and vulnerability associated with a younger age. The primary focus is on the psychological and emotional aspects, rather than the physical role-play. It doesn’t always involve explicit childlike behaviors or activities. Age regression serves as a form of therapy, playing a crucial role in providing stress relief and allowing lovers to temporarily escape the pressures of adult life.


The age play is a broader term that includes a wide range of activities. Unlike age regression kink, age play is not exclusively focused on regressing to a younger age. Participants can choose roles of different ages, such as teenagers, adults, or elderly characters. Age play includes different activities, ranging from caregiving and nurturing to disciplinary or authoritarian roles.

In age play, partners are focusing on recreating a caregiver and child dynamic, including childlike behaviors, activities, and appropriate clothing or reminiscent of a child. The Daddy may help with bathing and dressing; he can also watch cartoons with his Child or play with toys. The Little Girl seeks a sense of safety, while the Daddy Dom provides emotional support, discipline, and guidance.

If you are bored with standard scenarios, Little Girl can play a role of a little naughty pet, needed to be trained and collared. The Daddy can undertake a role of a pony. For a more realistic setting, you can even use a saddle. You have many options to experiment with, and for more ideas, you can become a part of the ABDL community.


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