Redefining Style with Eco-Friendly Vegan Lingerie

Redefining Style with Eco-Friendly Vegan Lingerie

You might have already heard about eco-friendly leather and vegan materials. However, what's the point of buying something vegan? Why are people so obsessed with these ideas? Is leather slowly losing its position on trendy lists?

To buy or not to buy genuine leather products is a personal choice. In our world, there are so many imperfections and cruelties that your intention to lessen the negative impact on the environment might seem like a drop in the ocean. Apart from that, as progress continues, people become more and more conscious of what they can do to improve this world. Changing your perspective on the clothes you usually buy might be a good step forward.

Let’s investigate what vegan materials are commonly used, why they capture hearts throughout the world, and what eco-friendly products you can find on our website.

Why is Vegan Lingerie So Popular?

  1. We can hardly question the fact that leather is a worthy investment due to its durability and long-lasting life. However, environmental and ethical considerations have become a powerful factor in today’s manufacturing. Eco-enthusiasts and animal lovers, conscious of the footprint they leave on Planet Earth, search for alternatives. As a result, chic and edgy lingerie made of vegan materials is quickly gaining popularity these days.
  2. Vegan materials don’t lose their aesthetic appeal compared to leather or fabric models. It means that if you feel like leather products don’t sit right with you and you'd like to have something stronger than a fabric bra and pants, a cruelty-free set made of vegan materials can be really beneficial. Vegan leather is available in a variety of textures, finishes, and colors. You can always find products that match your individual style.
  3. A chain vegan set can be a good choice for conceptual parties and events when coming in leather materials is seen as inappropriate. Since this lingerie still looks appealing and attractive, you have all the chances to catch attention while contributing to a better future.

What Vegan Materials are used?

Eco-friendly materials are produced using sustainable methods that don’t involve harsh chemicals, great carbon emissions, and heavy water usage. As a result, they lessen the negative impact on the environment. Vegan materials usually include plant-based, recycled fibers, and leather alternatives that imitate the genuine leather appearance and texture. Common vegan materials for lingerie include polyurethane (PU), pineapple fibers, apple leather, and recycled fabrics.

Speaking about vegan leather, it can be produced from various materials:

  • Mushroom, apple, and pineapple fibers
  • Recycled plastic bottles, rubber
  • Upcycled old leather items: furniture, accessories, jackets

For tanning traditional leather, chrome tanning is used, and this process involves chemicals. Vegan leather doesn’t require such a harmful method. It’s tanned with the help of vegetable tannins.

What Vegan Products You Can Buy from ElinHarness

Following the example of all progressive manufacturers, we’re also implementing greener methods in our production and searching for alternative sustainable and eco-friendly materials for producing trendy lingerie and BDSM accessories. Our company uses faux leather, or as it’s also called vegan leather, that looks and feels like real leather. We use it for the production of our chain harness sets consisting of sexy lingerie in a variety of colors.

The use of faux leather in lingerie adds a touch of edginess and a fetish-inspired aesthetic to the design. It is a good alternative since thongs and bras not only look similar to genuine leather products but also prove durability and flexibility. Bras and luxurious panties are comfortable to wear due to the waist chain that contributes into their overall elegance. Since faux leather is very popular in the alternative fashion and fetish communities, wearing such pieces, you will definitely be noticed and praised.

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