Restraint Accessories you probably haven't tried, but you'll like them

Restraint Accessories you probably haven't tried, but you'll like them

Apart from restricting a partner's movements as a method of punishment, restraints enhance the feelings of control, vulnerability, and increase sensitivity to touch within a dominant-submissive dynamic. You might have already tried some accessories, such as cuffs for restraining wrists and ankles, silk scarves for light bondage and sensory play, or a collar with a leash for neck restraint. Maybe you have even used cotton ropes, bondage tape, or shackles. Whatever level your fantasies have already reached, there's always room for further experimentation. Today, we'll tell you about some additional restraint accessories you probably haven't tried, but you'll likely enjoy.

Bed Restraint System

Bed restraint systems, also known as under-the-bed bondage kits, are a must-have for an unforgettable BDSM activity, whether you're planning to incorporate them into role-play, use them as part of a punishment method, or as a warm-up before a more active phase. These systems typically include adjustable straps made of sturdy belt material and connectors with lobster clasps. The discreet design allows for quick and easy installation beneath the mattress.

The adjustable straps can be set up in two ways: horizontally and vertically under the mattress. The lobster clasps enable you to attach them to D-rings on cuffs or other restraints, providing a reliable fixation for your partner during dominant-submissive role-playing. Some systems may also include cuffs for wrists and ankles, ensuring a secure yet comfortable fit.

Setting up an under-the-mattress restraint system is incredibly easy. Positioning the straps beneath the mattress takes only a few seconds, making them readily accessible when entering the more intense phases of your intimate activities. Additionally, you can quickly conceal them when not in use.

These restraint systems can be incorporated into various bondage scenarios and fantasy explorations. For example, they are helpful during role-playing when you and your partner take on roles like captor and captive, doctor and patient, policeman and thief, rapist and victim, or other imaginative scenarios. Restraining a submissive's limbs allows the dominant partner to control their movements, and when paired with a blindfold or hood, sensory restriction is heightened as the submissive remains unaware of what's to come.

The horizontal and vertical straps offer a variety of configurations, allowing for different positions and levels of restriction. Another advantage of this system is its compact size when folded, making it convenient to take with you on holidays or weekends away.

Bed Restraints

Another type of bondage restraint commonly used in BDSM is bed restraints. They are designed to provide a versatile means of restraining a partner to a bed frame, offering a customizable experience for individuals or couples seeking to explore role-playing as a part of the prelude to intimacy or to incorporate new elements into their dominance and submission lifestyle.

These restraints typically resemble adjustable straps with D-rings strategically placed along their length. The D-rings serve as attachment points for wrist and ankle cuffs, connectors, and bed legs. Our bed restraints are designed with genuine leather material, enhancing their durability, strength, and security. Complemented with silver hardware, these straps have an appealing look that won't compromise the stylish appearance of your bedroom.

When attached to the bed legs using the rings, leather bed straps provide a stable anchor point for the restraints. Users can experiment with different placements and tensions to create various bondage scenarios. Multiple D-rings along the straps allow for the selection of the most suitable attachment points for the cuffs.

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