Kinks And Fetishes Are Not The Same

Kinks And Fetishes Are Not The Same

Within BDSM context, you might have come across such terms as “kink” and “fetish” many times. You may even think about them as synonyms. According to surveys, BDSM is the main-reported fetish. Although BDSM and fetish have some crossovers, BDSM is not the same as fetish. Kinks and fetishes are not the same as well. Let’s explore differences between kinks and fetishes.


You can come across many definitions of kinks on the Internet, and each individual may have their own definition as well. Generally, kinks can be described as non-normative intimate interests. The key aspect lies in the term “non-normative”.

While normative sexual behavior features heterosexual with penis and vagina penetration, missionary positions during sex and other conventional styles of relationships, non-normative behavior is everything that lies outside that. The line between normative and kinky things is established by individuals themselves.

Normal behaviors are constantly changing, because social norms, culture, and fashion also change. While you may think about many kinks as rare and untypical, they are actually very common. Just look at the increasing popularity of BDSM items and gear. Do you really think there are few people who like it? 

The variety of kinks is very multifaceted, including cuffs, ropes, spreader bars, blindfolds, spanking and more. Many people try some or all of these things in their bedroom regularly or from time to time, however there are also people who belong to kink communities, visit kink events and consider kinks a part of their individuality.

Speaking about BDSM, it involves bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadism, and masochism. People who are into BDSM practice spanking, flogging, tying up, sensory deprivation, ABDL role-playing, and other things.


The term “fetish” is used to describe a kink. While all fetishes are kinks, not all kinks are fetishes. Maybe you have heard about a term “paraphilia”, described as persistent sexual interests, fantasies, or behaviors involving atypical objects, activities, and situations. However, the majority of fetishes have nothing to do with paraphilia. Fetish is a sexual fixation on the object or a body part, which can be not sexual at all. For many individuals, fetishes are unusual ways of expressing sexuality. And they are 100% healthy for them.

How kinks are different from fetishes? Unlike kinks, fetishes are sexual. Kinks are someone’s preferences, while fetishes are necessary for sexual arousal and orgasm. Fetishes can be either an object or an activity.

The reasons people have fetishes still cause debates. Often, specialists explain them by certain conditions the person has experienced during their childhood, as we all are affected by surroundings, culture, and family traditions from early age.


Both kinks and fetishes prove the diversity and uniqueness of each individual’s sexuality. BDSM is becoming more common kink for many people, however, we still can come across misunderstanding of unconventional sexual practices because of the lack of knowledge and social taboos. Whether you want to enjoy your kinks or fetishes, you should always remember about mutual consent and respect.

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