Guide on Types of Submissives (Part 2)

Guide on Types of Submissives (Part 2)

Last time we’ve described a few types of submissives in BDSM. In this article, we are continuing to explore the multifaceted aspects of submission, focusing on various behavior and activities.

Sex Slave

The service of these subs is focused on sex and delivering all kinds of pleasure to their masters through intimate activities. They desire orgasms and intense experiences, so they may be very eager for their master’s caress.  Motivated by sex, these submissives are ready to fulfill any order and task as well as trust their bodies and souls to their dominants.

Sex slaves derive pleasure from being controlled and dominated. They are often involved in activities including elements of bondage with cuffs or ropes, role-playing, humiliation and punishment through spanking or collaring. Sex slaves live with their dominant partners on a full-time basis and are always available for sex. They may not have any external life outside serving their mate.

Romantic Sub

These submissives focus on giving up everything for the sake of romantic feelings, rather than becoming just a slave. They are emotionally invested in submission and in love with an idea of it, caring not so much about how it may end.

Unlike other types of submissives who may mainly focus on physical or sexual dynamics, romantic submissives see emotional intimacy, devotion, and love as their key priorities. Their submission is based on romantic feelings and acts of expressing affection and trust. They expect their dominants to be protective, caring, loving, and supportive. An ideal dominant for them is the one that takes on a guiding or nurturing role.

Submissive Princess

These subs expect deep adoration from their dominants. In some cases, they desire absolute worship. Only when dominant partners are ready to show their excitement and affection, they surrender control to them. This has nothing to do with the absence of respect towards dominants. Princesses just think highly of themselves and feel like they don’t belong to typical subs who give up so easily.

Submissive princesses like to be cared for and caressed. They want to feel that their dominants are ready to treat them like representatives of a royal family and do anything they want. Their acts of resistance often include whining.


Bottom submissives like to receive sensation during play. They focus on prior negotiated terms, as they like to receive what they expect. Typically, submissives don't usually declare their wants during the play, however bottom subs do it.

Unlike other submissives who typically give up authority and receive various stimulations on the instruction of a dominant, bottoms don’t give up authority. They like to control how, under what circumstances, with what dynamic, and to what degree they receive stimulation. Bottoms are typically involved in activities such as bondage, spanking, sensation play, and assuming specific roles that reflect their submissive nature. Bottoms may not be subs outside specific interactions.

Age Player

These subs take on the role of a character who is younger than their actual age. In other words, these are adults, who like to act like children. They may select a baby or a teenager’s role and get really deep in the head of their character. To emphasize their role visually, they may dress according to the chosen character, wearing mittens, booties, doll dresses, or diapers. They expect care and nurturing acts from their dominants. Ideally, their dominants should be caregivers who take all the responsibility for their well-being, discipline, diet, and routine. Age players are often involved in activities like playing with toys, cuddling with their “parent”, drawing, singing songs.

Among age players, you can also meet the “littles”. These adults in baby roles seek more care from their dominants who fulfil a parental role. Little subs usually act, as if they are immature and expect a dom to guide them in this complicated life.  Unlike age players, these subs may incorporate a very sexy vibe into their role.

DD Bottom

The key aspect within this dynamic is domestic discipline (DD) and keeping everything in order at home. DD bottoms expect from their partner a strong disciplinary role. They are ready to be punished if they misbehave, break a rule or don’t cope with chores. The dominant partner, often referred to as the Head of Household (HoH), creates a specific structure and expects the sub to follow and respect it. If the DD bottom fails (e.g. forgets to pay bills or buy some products), dominants may incorporate disciplinary measures such as verbal admonishments or physical punishments. DD bottom dynamic is what real couples frequently practice.

Brat Submissive

These subs are cheeky, disobedient, and naughty. They like to play, tease and are not against some punishment. They derive pleasure from playing cat and mouse, driving crazy their brat tamers, and doing everything to challenge the dominant’s authority. Their main goal is to test the brat tamer’s limits so they can be very inventive (of course, everything they want to do is negotiated beforehand).

Brats may not appear at home at the right time or refuse to move when the dominants order them to come to them. They like to show their ignorance and tease the dom. However, they submit when the brat tamer decides to punish them. The punishment may include forced silence by inserting a gag bridle into the submissive’s mouth, spanking their buttocks with a bamboo cane, tying them to the bed with bed restraints or shacking their hands with wrist cuffs. Brat tamers may also incorporate orgasm denial and forced orgasm during sex, or collar and leash their brats.


We hope our guide on types of subs was helpful for you to discover more about multifaceted aspects of submission. Don’t miss the first part of our guide. Would you like to learn more about domination? Check out our article about types of dominants.

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