Guide on Types of Submissives (Part 1)

Guide on Types of Submissives (Part 1)

Recently, we explored the variety of doms that you can meet within the BDSM world. However, what are the different types of submissives? In this article, we offer you to learn about various types of subs in BDSM, their distinctive features and behaviors.

Service Sub

These subs specialize in fulfilling chores, tasks and duties in order to please their dominant partners. This includes activities with a strong accent on their submissive role, for instance, serving like a chair or table, kneeling before their dominants, dressing their dominants, refilling drinks, bringing food, doing laundry, cleaning a house or a dominant’s car.

Serving may also include sexual service for dominants and their guests. For service subs, the act of serving works as a sexual gratification. Since serving often includes fetishes, the sub may massage the dominant’s toes, or provide a full-body massage focusing on particular erogenous zones. Service subs like to be lower than their masters in all aspects of their relationships.  


These subs have no other desire except pleasing their dominants, and they are ready to do anything to fulfill this desire. They follow the rule: if the dom is happy with me, then I’m happy. Slaves are involved in slave-master relationships 24/7. Being so dependent on their doms they always ask permission to do something, even if they want to eat, drink, use a bathroom or masturbate. They are ready to obey any rule and command, as well as surrender control all the time. Slave are consistently sexually available and ready to please their master in any position.

The master has an absolute control over the slave’s desires and body. The slave acts like their property. The master can also be a woman, Mistress, as this dynamic isn’t limited to certain gender and sexual orientation. Slaves can not only serve their dominant all day and night, but also be a part of sexual slavery within a role-play.

Regarding accessories and symbols, slaves usually wear a slave collar as a symbol of their ownership. They can also react to certain names chosen by the owner. Slaves typically engage in a training process where they learn to follow the rules and improve their behavior.  


These subs act similar to pets, taking on roles of kittens, puppies, rabbits, pony boys and girls. For more immersive atmosphere, pets often wear costumes and specific accessories, including leather harnesses, ears, masks with muzzles, fur and other things.

Acting like an animal, these submissives move on four legs and produce animalistic sounds. They can bark, growl, or meow, depending on a chosen role. Their owners can collar them and attach the leash to walk them or put a self-tightening-collar on them to control and correct their bad behavior.

Pets eat and drink from the bowl on the floor and sleep on the doormat if the owner orders them to do it. They react on commands and fulfill them. Pets obey certain actions and sounds such as a riding crop or a strike of a spanking paddle. Pets like to play with the balls and other pet toys. Instead of offering their body for pain and sexual pleasure, pets offer it for entertainment. They communicate not with the help of words, but rather they use body language and verbal cues.


Masochists are hooked as soon as doms incorporate painful activities. Depending on their experience, they can enjoy pain of different intensity. Masochists misbehave on purpose to be punished by the sadist. They get aroused when dominants spank them, drip hot wax on their skin, use clamps on nipples, or pierce their sensitive areas with needles. They can go extreme and enjoy knife play, rope bondage, fire play and electricity play.

Masochists find pleasure in denial, humiliation, and degradation. Unlike other subs, masochists may not have even the slightest desire to submit. They just need pain. Within the sadist-masochist dynamic, these two may look like that the one has control over the other, the one is a dominant and the other is a slave.  However, this dynamic may be just a temporary action, and outside the dungeon, and when the game is over, these two may not continue to exchange power that way.

Masochists somewhat eroticize pain and activities providing it, including spanking, flogging, bondage, as the way to intensify their sexual responses. They don’t restrict their reactions: they can groan, cry, moan, allowing their body to react to pain.

Bedroom Submissive

These subs act like subs only in a bedroom setting, while outside it, they may not be interested in BDSM relationships at all. However, in the bedroom, they are always ready to let their masters take control of them. This type of submission has its time limits, since as the game is over, individuals come back to their normal lifestyle.

Bedroom submissives like when their partner ties them with ropes, shackles their wrist and ankles with cuffs, covers their eyes with blindfolds, and uses spreader bars to restrict their limbs’ movement. They like to receive stimulation with dripping wax, ice cubes, pins, clamps. Within the scene, they are ready to fulfil their master’s desires, tasks, and orders. Regarding pleasure, bedroom submissives can provide oral and manual stimulation, vaginal sex, massages, and other service.

Finsub (Financial Submissive)

The center of a power dynamic within this relationship is money, so these subs give money or provide gifts for their findoms. The sub within this dynamic can bear various names – money slave, paypig, finsub, cash piggy. In most cases, these relationships are distant, both participants engage in them online, so that findom and finsub never meet each other in real life. However, in some cases, finsub can accompany their dominant during shopping, when the dom spends their money.

The sub gives the dom money, buys gifts, provides access to their financial accounts and cards without any expectations of sexual relationships. They give out their money without anything in return, and they like to pay rents, debts, housing. Many finsubs appreciate matriarchy, so this style matches their vision of women as individuals superior to men.

Rope Bunny

These subs like when their dominants (rope tops or riggers) tie them in various positions. They have enough patience for the rigger to do intricate knots, patterns, and ties. They get aroused when being restricted in movement with ropes and having sexual activities in these positions. They derive pleasure from the physical sensations of vulnerability and the aesthetic aspect of the rope patterns.

The rope bunny fully trusts the rigger, being confident that they respect their limits in return. For them, the art of tying can act as both artistic and erotic activity. Some rope bunnies engage in bondage to create impressive images or performances. They can feel excitement when experiencing rope patterns on their skin as if a "rope lingerie," as well as when their wrist, ankles, and other body parts are restrained with knots and ties. They also welcome when the bondage is combined with sensory play incorporating accessories such as blindfolds, gags, hoods, etc.  


There are many types of submissives in the realm of dominant-submissive relationships. Some may feature absolute obedience and surrender to control including sexual activities, while others may not expect any sexual relationships at all. Building BDSM dynamic on trust and respect, you can experience intense emotions and sensations regardless of extreme level within the scene.

If you want to learn more about submission, check out our article about psychological aspects of submission. You may also find our review of seductive BDSM leather lingerie for your love games with a dominant helpful.  You can find more ideas for inspiration to create your submissive style by exploring our collection of leather and latex clothing.  

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