Guide on Types of Doms (Part 1)

Guide on Types of Doms (Part 1)

In the realm of BDSM, you can meet a great variety of doms, each with their unique style, behavior, and approach to power exchange. In this article, we will explore what types of doms exist in BDSM and share key aspects about them.


These doms demand an absolute submission from their slaves. Their goal is to have the high level of control and authority over subs’ life, within and often outside the scene. Masters are leaders so they like to establish rules, daily routine and clear expectations. They may also establish a particular dress code and demand making love in certain positions.

Masters require from the subs a clear understanding of their demands and consequences for disobedience. To make subs more relevant to their own expectations, Masters can incorporate trainings, including fulfillment of chores and tasks. When the sub meets Master’s expectation, they reward them. When they fail, they punish them.

Masters have power, but they also bare great responsibility, both during the activities and afterwards. Masters prioritize subs’ health, safety, and well-being. They devote time to aftercare, providing support and comfort after the scene is over.

Caring Dom

This one relies on establishing emotional bonds, building trust and encouraging subs to grow and become better. Caring doms combine controlling aspects with empathy and responsibility. Their main goal is to care about the sub, so they take time to understand their needs, desires and emotions in order to provide the best emotional experience.

Caring doms make a great focus on aftercare after BDSM scene. They also regular check in on whether their sub feels well and protected. To encourage the sub to improve their behavior, they sincerely praise them.  They do their best to improve the sub’s self-esteem and make them confident in achieving their goals. Regarding pleasure, these doms try to make the dynamic satisfying and fulfilling for both.

Caregivers (Daddy, Mommy) are of the remarkable examples of caring doms, who take on parental and nurturing roles and create safe environment for their subs (little boys or girls). Mommy/Daddy dynamic may include age regression when the subs behave like they are much younger than their actual age, while Daddy or Mommy comforts, protects and fulfills little’s needs.

Rigger/Rope Top

These doms are in love with ropes and the process of tying their subs, also known as rope bottom. They are skilled and talented in using various techniques. They know all the secrets of knots, ties and patterns to provide intensive experience for both.

Rope tops are aware of the responsibility they take, so they pay a great attention to safety and subs’ well-being. They understand the risks of nerve damage and circulation issues. They know which pressure points are better to avoid and what knots are beneficial.

Riggers’ role goes hand in hand with art, so they often involve decorative knots and interesting patterns to provide both a new sensual experience for bottoms and create an aesthetic environment. However, it doesn’t mean that riggers are limited solely to ropes. They can incorporate other BDSM equipment such as leather harness to combine with ropes, spreaders to keep subs’ limbs apart, gags and blindfolds for sensory deprivation and heightened sensations.

Financial Dom

These doms, often called Findoms, take control over subs’ budget and financial operations. The power exchange is based on money. They enjoy the power that comes with providing and controlling subs’ well-being. They get aroused from the fact that submissives give up their financial resources and depend on them.

Findoms’ sphere of influence may include control over subs’ spending habits, setting up financial goals, demanding gifts and restricting access to money and accounts as a form of punishment. They may also demand purchasing certain items from the wish list.


These doms treat their subs like their property or their slaves. They control subs daily routine, personal decisions and behavior. At the same time, they take responsibility for sub’s well-being, safety, and development. To make submissive match their own standard, they may incorporate trainings, obedience to rules and system of rewards and punishments depending on subs’ progress.

Regarding daily control, Owners can select certain type of clothes for subs, establish their schedule, form the list of chores and tasks, or even create their diet. Owners select sex positions and keep their eye on subs’ activities.

The Owner can engage in Pet play, where they represent the Handler while the sub takes on the role of a kitten, puppy, rabbit or any other pet. Within this dynamic Owner can train, feed, reward, punish their animal and care about them.

Primal Dom

These Doms incorporate elements of primal play into their interaction with the sub. They are ruled by instincts, carnal desires and raw emotions. Primal doms behave like animals: they growl, bite, scratch and howl. Their interaction with the sub may include physical actions like wrestling or using teeth and nails (claws). They may chase or hunt their subs like wild animals do in natural habitat.

These doms are energetic and intense, so activities with them can be both exhilarating and intimidating for submissive partners. Primal Doms may have their own rituals to emphasize their dominance and possession. They can also have their own method of communication, such as gestures.


These dominants get aroused and pleased through inflicting pain to their subs. They like to play with pain and pleasure and eagerly incorporate a wide range of BDSM accessories and tools for that purpose. This may start with floggers and leather spanking paddles and gradually move to spreader bars, connectors, cuffs, nipple clamps, straitjacket and hoods.

They can use verbal abuse to humiliate their subs and remind them where they belong. Sadists may use name-calling, or tasks that challenge the submissive's sense of dignity. In some cases, they may even involve consensual non-consent, where the subs protest against Sadists’ actions playfully.

Sadists like to incorporate bondage and restraints. They may tie their slaves to a bed by using bed restraints or shackle them with chains. Sadists like edge play, including activities with extreme elements such as knifes, fire, electricity. Having such wild and extreme interests, sadists seriously approach physical and emotional safety of their partners. They discuss the boundaries before the play and provide aftercare after games are over. 

Pleasure Dom

These doms’ actions can raise subs to the peak of pleasure. They derive the pleasure from the process of satisfying their subs. They are also associated with orgasm control. Pleasure Doms know all of the sub’s secret spots and buttons to bring them to the edge of pleasure. They know how and where to stimulate to create multiple orgasms.


Pleasure Doms have a rich collection of sex toys and equipment to combine their magic hands with them for a better result. They like to explore various forms of impact and sensual play. They like to massage subs’ body, paying attention to erogenous zones, play with feathers, ice, candles, silk, or fur.

Pleasure Doms are talented at building tension and anticipation. Apart from giving partners intense emotions, they can also bring them closely to orgasm and then ruin it, or they can torture their subs with many orgasms testing their limits.

These Doms can incorporate role-playing such as teacher/student, doctor/patient, and other forms to immerse subs in a fancy world. Pleasure Doms can even worship certain body parts such as foots, toes, breast, ears, and others.


The BDSM world is impossible without authoritative and dominant characters who vary from sadistic to caring doms. Regardless of the extreme level, before taking a role of a dom you must have a clear communication with your partner about their personal boundaries and preferable accessories. Dominant-submissive relationships should be enjoyable for both of you.

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