Guide on Types of Doms (Part 2)

Guide on Types of Doms (Part 2)

We’ve already published an article about types of doms. This one continues our exploration and provides you with more information about different types of dominants in BDSM.

Service Top

Their goal is to fulfill the bottom’s desires, kinks and fantasies. They derive pleasure from giving satisfaction to a sub rather than fulfilling their own needs.  Dominance may not be the part of their personalities, however when they take on this role during BDSM scenes they are active and work their best on serving people.

Service tops know everything about how to safely and exclusively execute the scene with the main focus on the sub’s preferences. They like role-playing and work on the mutual pleasure during it.  Tops teach the subs to discover their own desires and they are responsive to their changes in needs and dynamic. Regarding activities, service tops like to incorporate canes and spanking paddles for impact play, dress in other characters for role-playing, use wax and ice to create intense sensory experience. They can also incorporate restraints and ropes for bondage.

White Knight Dominant

These doms see themselves as the sub’s protectors and rescuers. They mainly focus on support and guidance during the activities. White knight doms care for charity and kind actions. Thanks to their values, they are considered as altruists. Knights provide reliable support for those with broken hearts and frustrated. They like to solve the sub’s problems and guide them towards the personal growth. Nights’ priority is the sub’s well-being.

They engage in BDSM scenes with the strong emphasis on mutual trust and respect. Knight are caring personalities so they do their best to create a nurturing environment for their princesses, where they can explore their desires in comfortable and safe way. The power dynamic is based on the white knight’s authority balanced with their responsibility.

Leather Doms

These dominants make a great accent on their male beauty by wearing leather clothes and accessories. Their outfits may include leather jackets, pants, vests and harnesses. These doms’ roots are connected with the gay leather subculture. They embody values of respect, discipline and honor.

Leather dominants often discover for newcomers the fascinating world of BDSM taking a guiding role. They follow protocols to create a safe, consensual and control environment for their subs as well as practice rituals. Leather doms like to build the sense of brotherhood within the community. 

Gentle/Soft Dom

These doms prioritize a nurturing environment and emotional connection over control and punishments. They do their best to help subs move towards their personal growth and self-love. Gentle doms are very caring and patient within BDSM dynamic. Unlike traditional dominants, they are more focused on sub’s well-being and trust. They are very attentive to details and sub’s desires. They mainly use encouragement and positive reinforcement rather than punishment. They are fast to praise but very slow to punish. They use polite language even when they tell subs what to do.

Soft doms provide a sense of protection and comfort allowing their subs to feel cared for and valued. This doesn’t mean that soft doms do not care about the authority. They do, however they express it through affection and care. Unlike pleasure doms who focus on bringing pleasant experience for submissive, soft doms’ leading role goes hand in hand with erotic tenderness. This dominance is perfect for subs who search the balance between authority and affection.

Dominant Mentor

These doms are experts in guiding newcomers in the world of BDSM. They are not engaged in power exchange in the same way as in the dominant-submissive relationship. They mainly focus on listening to subs and giving them advice. Mentors teach them how to use fetish equipment and BDSM gear. Sometimes they incorporate particular tasks and practices to help the sub learn faster. They are always patient and helping. Mentors also assist newcomers in finding their own dominant or submissive styles.

Mentors can share their own experiences and provide feedback as well as help the subs with resources to develop their skills. Their priority is to create a safe and learning environment, helping subs to discover new things and grow.

Cuckold Dom

These doms derive pleasure from seeing their subs engaged in sexual relationships with other people. The dynamic often includes the elements of voyeurism and humiliation. They like when the subs share their personal experience and secrets. They like to control and orchestrate the sub’s interaction with other people.

Cuckold dominants find pleasure in seeing their subs vulnerable as well as having the overall control over the situation. This power dynamic demands high level of trust and consent from all the parties involved. Regarding activities, they can incorporate verbal humiliation, keeping the sub in a chastity gear, denying sexual gratification, public display as well as taking photos and videos of the interaction and them sharing them.


The world of doms within BDSM is versatile, ranging from dominants that derive pleasure from caring and serving to doms who find pleasure in teaching and guiding subs towards their goals. Regardless of the type, mutual consent, establishing boundaries and aftercare are crucial aspects within dominant-submissive relationships.

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