Why do I like being forced?

Why do I like being forced?

The world of BDSM is multifaceted, with lots of possibilities to push personal boundaries. Being forced is something many people, practicing BDSM activities, love so much. If you feel like rape and forced sex fantasies arouse you, it doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you. Actually, you may dream about forced sex for various reasons. Let’s investigate them all.

Reason why you like being forced

  1. You want to explore power dynamic in a new way.

If you don’t limit yourself and are always open to novelties in interactions with the partner, it can be natural progress to a new level, based on trust and mutual affection. When relinquishing control to the dominant, the submissive partner has a chance to explore the feelings of vulnerability and surrender. The dynamic of being "forced" provides the submissive with a heightened sense of power exchange.

  1. You seek a strong sense of pleasure.

Like spanking and impact play, this dynamic leads to the mix of sensations such as pleasure and pain, causing discomfort and arousal at the same time. They can lead to endorphin release, due to which you can experience feelings of euphoria or a "natural high" when you submit to the partner. Your body responds to pain and force with pleasure.

  1. You want to be emotionally free.

Consensual non-consent scenarios help you leave behind societal norms. You can deal with a range of various emotions such as stress and tension. When you are forced, you feel detached from reality, as well as experience a sense of relaxation and well-being. Moreover, intense experiences can lead to a sense of emotional liberation.

  1. You want something forbidden.

Scenarios involving rape play help explore forbidden fantasies and actions. You can live another life in a fictional reality, feeling free from burdens of a daily routine. You may also see these fantasies as a way to see your partner more arousing and refresh your sexual life.

Consensual Non-Consent Scenarios

By engaging in consensual non-consent (CNC) scenarios, both partners can test their personal limits and boundaries. However, it’s important to negotiate activities and levels of intensity beforehand. Regardless of how far you can go with your fantasies, you and your partner should feel secure and confident that your consent is respected.

Before acting out one of the forced sex scenarios, you should list your physical, emotional, and psychological limits. Some activities may cause health concerns or triggers, so that it’s important to inform your partner about them. Consider using a safe word or a signal to communicate when you want to stop or pause the game.

Remember that BDSM activities are an awesome chance for self-discovery and improvement in intimate life. However, you can have fun and fulfill your expectations only if your boundaries, desires, and limits are well-outlined for your partner.

Rape fantasies

Rape fantasy goes hand in hand with the domination and submission. People, who would like to act out such a scenario, might have an idea of being dominated sexually. It also works well for partners who struggle with the sense of guilt or shame, regarding their sexuality or desires. The reason why people may feel ashamed are different. Maybe it’s caused by an environment where sexuality was ashamed. Or alternatively, people were rejected and ignored for their sexual fantasies by their ex-partners. Rape fantasy allows you being sexually dominated, but without negative feelings for wishing it.

Rape play can vary in its degree of force. Some people get aroused when their partner is waiting behind the door in the dark room, while others would rather play out extreme kinds of forced sex with humiliation, scars, bruises, and chocking. Whatever you choose, you must clearly understand what is too much.

Regardless of the intensity, through the forced sex fantasy involving resisting, kicking, screaming, struggling and raping you can explore taboo and forbidden aspects without judgement.

Final Word

As the BDSM relationships are multifaceted, individuals can explore their sexuality and fulfill desires in various ways, including forced sex fantasies. With a mutual consent and a clear understanding of your boundaries, such an intense scenario can bring you many emotions.

For a better experience and strong sensations for your upcoming play, consider using BDSM accessories such as cuffs, collars, spreader bars, gags, hoods.

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