How to Choose a Perfect Leather Collar for Your Submissive?

How to Choose a Perfect Leather Collar for Your Submissive?

Although people tend to choose goods by seeing beautiful pictures, when it comes to such pieces like leather BDSM collars for your sub, It's crucial to approach the purchase with a sense of responsibility. There are plenty of things you should pay attention to choose well-fit, stylish and comfortable neck gear.

Does your Sub Need a Collar?

First thing to consider is whether your sub needs a collar. Once, the act of collaring was regarded as a ceremony, because the moment when the sub receives their collar, symbolized the change in the relationships. However, times have changed. The BDSM-style collar is not associated only with extreme relationships, as its usage has expanded beyond intimate interactions. It means that even if you’re going to incorporate it rarely into your love games, your sub can wear it as a part of their daily or party outfit. 

It's important to note that not every submissive or BDSM practitioner incorporates a collar into their relationships. To buy or not to buy such a neckpiece depends on your personal choice. Especially it depends on the choice of your submissive, as you both should negotiate the boundaries of what is acceptable and what’s not. Your sub should be comfortable with the terms and symbols used within your role-play, whether you want the slave collar to be a part of a ritual or a regular complement of their daily look.

Within BDSM, collars are a good wear to show the dominant and submissive dynamic exists in your life. The slave collar is a powerful reminder of the strong bond that is held between the submissive and dominant partners. However, there are individuals who wear collars for self-expression and making a stress on their rebellious character. As sub leather collars come in a variety of styles, you can always create interesting combinations with other clothes and accessories while emphasizing the unique relationship dynamic you have with your partner.  

Types of BDSM Collars

In most cases, when speaking about BDSM collars, people immediately imagine a piece of leather outfitted with a metal D-ring. They are right, however, within collars variety for dominant-submissive interaction you can find models of different design, aimed at various purposes. To choose the best option, you must know what activities you’re going to incorporate with your sub.

Day Collars

Day collars are made for daily wear as part of everyday style to emphasize D/s relationships in your life even when you're apart with your partner.  These pieces act like jewelry, so they mostly look like a nice complement and don't raise too many questions. There’s something secret and intimate in wearing it, since the meaning of this piece is known only by you and your partner.

Unlike regular BDSM collars, day collars are designed to be worn openly in non-BDSM settings, helping the sub to carry the symbolism of their relationships into the daily life. The day collars resemble stylish neck accessories and can embody various design. The variety includes simple leather bands, either plain or adorned with minimalistic embellishments such as spikes or O-rings. There are also choker-style day collars sitting closely around the neck that create elegant vibes. You can also buy a plain leather day collar and complement it with engravings (initials, symbols) or pendants that hold personal meaning for you both.

Play Collars

These pieces are created to become a part of kinky scenes. Unlike more discreet day collars, play collars are equipped with hooks and rings that draw attention. Such collars are adjustable to provide the sub with a secure fit during activities. Even if the sub doesn’t wear the collar on a daily basis, this piece must be included during playtime. As soon as the dominant puts this gear on a submissive’s neck, it signals the beginning of the game.

The D-rings or other attachment points are used for various connectors and restraints. You can attach leashes to have more control over the movement and positioning of the sub. Alternatively, you can use it for cuffs and ropes to restrict movement or create specific bondage scenarios. The D-ring also works well with a chain. Play ollars are suitable for active partners who enjoy dynamic experiments.

Training Collars

As it’s obvious from the name, the BDSM training collar is used for training a sub. The sub wears it during training sessions until the dominant feels that they are properly trained. This collar is often regarded as the first phase and can be replaced for another one as soon as the sub displays the necessary set of skills. These collars signify a commitment to training or obedience. As for the design, training collars may have D-rings for attaching leashes or other accessories, aimed at enhancing control and discipline.

Training collars can be used for various activities: posture training, slave positions. Such a collar is a part of punishment ritual for undesirable behavior. It may come together with spanking or restriction of freedom. The best option for the naughty sub is a self-tightening collar, allowing adjusting its fit during playing or walking. As soon as the sub displays undesirable behavior patterns, the Dom pulls the collar, making it tight around the sub’s neck. The training collar can also be a part of teaching the submissive how to be restrained and controlled physically. The dominant may also use training collars in service training, forcing the sub to do domestic tasks, body worship, or other forms of servitude.  

Owner Collars

An owner collar symbolizes a heightened level of commitment and ownership. A submissive wears it to signify an exclusive connection with their Dominant partner, who is their "Owner." Unlike day collars or play collars, the owner collar is a symbol of a 24/7 dominance and submission relationship.

Agreeing to wear this piece, the sub gives up a degree of autonomy to their Dominant. The owner collar may include specific symbols or engravings with a personal meaning for the partners.  Subs receive these collars as symbols of the next grade after they have completed their training. These collars cannot be taken off at any moment until the Dom permits.

Permanent Collars

This is the most serious collar type in the world of BDSM. It signifies the permanent status of the dominant-submissive relationship. In some cases, the meaning is the same as with a wedding ring. Permanent collars may feature a locking mechanism, and only the Dom has the key. Usually, the submissive is unable to remove the collar without the Dominant's consent. Taking off this collar is a serious decision, symbolizing either the break or the end of a relationship. Speaking about their design, permanent collars can be simple, resembling a piece of jewelry. They may also include symbols or engravings with a personal meaning to the couple.

The Fit, Comfort and Style of the Collar

Once you realize what type of collar is preferable for your activity with the sub, it’s time to consider the size and comfort of the piece. Very tight models may feel uncomfortable and cause the difficulties in breathing.  When you choose very loose collars, they might be less effective and distract you from the activity with the need to fix them repeatedly. To avoid these problems, follow the next steps:

  • Measure your sub’s neck and check the sizing guide. If your partner wants a looser collar, choose a size larger. If they aren’t against close-fitting pieces, then choose the collar based on the size from the sizing guide.
  • Choose adjustable collars. In this case, you can always find the best position with certain gain and loss. The adjustable models allow making them tight or loose depending on your mood and scenario.
  • Try the collar on before playing. It’s important to know how it feels on the skin and receive the submissive’s feedback before incorporating the collar into your regular play. What feels uncomfortable during a short session will also feel so during extended playtime.

Choosing a proper style, consider the nature of your relationships and how active and wild you can be. Collars without extreme embellishments, lacquered pieces, or those with subtle spikes will work best for vanilla partners, especially if you want to incorporate collars into sub’s daily outfit. Heavy collars made of leather with rings and chains, and other eye-catching embellishments are good for individuals who are seriously into BDSM practices, including using connectors, punishments activities and bondage.

When selecting the leather color for the collar, consider the symbolic significance you wish to convey. Various colors have different meanings. Black is often associated with dominance, power, and submission. Red signifies passion, and can add a provocative touch to the sub’s image. Tan colors evoke a sense of warmth and natural connection. Blue symbolizes a calm and serene atmosphere, so blue collars are suitable for couples with a strong connection. Green leather collars might be a good option for partners whose relationship is continually evolving.



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