How can Erotic Accessories Improve your Intimate Relationships?

How can Erotic Accessories Improve your Intimate Relationships?

How can Erotic Accessories Improve your Intimate Relationships?

Whether you feel bored with routine in your relationships with your partner, or want to spice up your sexual intercourse, the erotic accessories can really change things for the better. They can increase female and male arousal, help explore unknown aspects of sexuality, and make the bedroom life more satisfying with unparalleled orgasms. In this article, we’ll discuss why erotic accessories are a perfect option for couples to reduce any issues that can destroy sex life. We will also provide a guide for choosing cute things with which you can feel comfortable and aroused.

Why is it Useful to Try New Things in Bed?

Stepping out of your comfort zone can significantly improve your intimate relationships. This involves not only experimenting with new sex positions and toys but also incorporating items like blindfold masks, bondage elements, erotic lingerie, and accessories for BDSM roleplay. When exploring elements from the world of dominant-submissive relationships, there's no need to start with something overly extreme. You must have a sincere conversation with your lover about personal limits and desires beforehand. The gradual incorporation of BDSM accessories can be very beneficial and surprise both of you with impressive outcome.

Provocative erotic accessories open up new dimensions to your experiences in many ways:  

  • Element of novelty. Nobody likes doing the same things repeatedly, and if you do, eventually, boredom may affect the best aspects of your relationships. From time to time, partners should push their limits towards the unknown, because human beings are mysterious creatures with many things to investigate. When you have a pair of handcuffs in your drawer, it can really make the next intercourse more exciting and pleasurable.
  • Sexual Exploration. With erotic accessories, you have much space for sexual exploration. Incorporating light bondage, sensory play or deprivation, you can experience new forms of power exchange and discover new ways of getting satisfaction.
  • Increased Intimacy. As the incorporation of erotic, especially BDSM accessories, requires a high degree of trust and communication, you can establish a deeper connection between your lover that will lead to an increased sense of intimacy. Exploring your desires together, you form a strong foundation of trust.
  • Heightened Sensations. Erotic and BDSM accessories can increase your sensitivity to other senses, heighten the sense of suspense and deliver new experiences. You become ready for new levels of pleasure.
  • Stress Relief. Erotic accessories can help you focus on other things than your personal issues. They help to leave your daily self for a while and take on the role of someone else, feeling like a new person that also influences how your partner sees you. Playing with such accessories, you release tension and anxiety, experiencing something like the sense of catharsis.

What Erotic Accessories to Choose?

The process of improving your sex life need not be an exhausting and challenging task, especially if you try BDSM things for the first time. It’s better to choose something simple and vanilla, and as soon as you're experienced enough and ready to reach new levels, you can move to more extreme options. Remember, creativity and sincere communication can become the first sparkle to more fulfilling sex life. Here’s our guide what things you can use as the starting point:


BDSM leather collars can spice up your look for the upcoming date. Depending on the design, they can complement either a dominant or submissive style. In most cases, collars symbolize the submissive’s commitment and obedience to their dominant. You can choose the leather collar with a D-ring acting like an attachment point for leashes or a more restrained model with spikes that you can wear not only in your bedroom. Despite designs, collars can always add a pinch of surprise, refreshing your typical look.


Having a blindfold over their eyes, your partner can’t know what you have prepared for them. This sense of the unknown excite and arouse that result in better sex. Blindfolds are the best way to make your prelude interesting and hot. After you have covered your partner’s eyes with the mask, you have so many options for incredible sensory play. You can let your lover enjoy slow erotic massage, run ice cubes on their erogenous zones or even draw some patterns on their skin with dripping wax from candles. If you want a more vanilla approach, use the blindfold to help your partner explore your body without feeling self-conscious. You can invite them to caress you or dance with you and touch your body parts during the dance. The ability only to hear without seeing anything acts as a powerful turn-on.

Spanking paddles

Spanking paddles act well for warming up the prelude. Whether your partner was a good or bad one, a nice portion of spanking will be beneficial on your way to explore the thin line between pleasure and pain.  Each time you strike the skin with the paddle, your partner experience a range of sensations. The paddles come in various forms, materials and sizes – you can find wooden and leather models, decorated with patterns or equipped with spikes, aimed at experienced users and newcomers in the world of fetish accessories. For beginners, we recommend starting with the smooth leather surface and gradually incorporating the spiked side.


The pair of handcuffs is helpful for restricting the movement of your partner during prelude or sex, providing more freedom for exploring their body or sensory play. The cuffs are easily removable, equipped with additional rings for connectors so you can pair them with chokers, belts, garters or various elements of harnesses, depending on how far you want to go.  An interesting option you may like is bed restraint systems, which include adjustable belts and connectors with lobster clasps. They are designed to set up horizontally and vertically under the mattress and provide a quick access anytime you feel like it’s the right moment for a little extreme. An alternative to bed restraint systems is belt restraints, allowing you to fix your partner’s cuffed hands and ankles to a bed frame or bed legs.


The harness, consisting of a series of leather straps attached together, buckles, and rings, can enhance your self-presentation for your partner in a bedroom setting. The harness makes a stress on personal sexuality, whether men or women are dressed in them. Equipped with multiple rings, this piece allows attaching leashes or other bondage elements. Seeing you entering the room in the harness, your partner will discover you from a different perspective. Moreover, the visual appeal of leather complemented with metal embellishments sparks a strong desire for adventures and breaking the rules.

Latex Costumes

Erotic clothing during sex not only arouses and provides easy access to intimate and erogenous zones, but also builds the sense of suspense, making your partner fantasize about what to expect. The latex skater skirt combined with latex zipped top can be a good choice for creating a schoolgirl character for your Teacher/Student play. If you want to look more dominant, the latex catsuit can do awesome work, stressing each of your curve. If you want to emphasize your rebellious spirit, you can choose the skirt with metal rivets or a belt. For those who want to avoid huge zippers and belt buckles, we recommend choosing the clothing with cutouts in butt or bust areas – your partner won’t have any problem with having access to your sweet body. If these options still don’t feel right for you, grab a Wednesday dress, or a latex cloak and put some erotic latex lingerie underneath. Don’t be afraid to combine things depending on how you feel.  


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